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1Agency Confidentiality Agreement

I/We agree all matters and things connected with our inspection of properties presented by 1Agency and in particular, the Profit & Loss provided by the Vendor, are confidential and that I/we will not disclose any information obtained during our subsequent investigations to any other person, except our legal and financial advisors and bankers (and then only if the recipient agrees prior to receipt to keep the information disclosed confidential) unless the prior written consent or waiver of the Vendor is first had and obtained.

I/We hereby acknowledge that the Agent has pointed out that the Confidential Information provided to me/us has been provided by the Vendor, or the Vendor’s representatives or advisers or compiled by the Agent from material obtained from the Vendor or the Vendor’s representatives or advisers and should be checked independently for accuracy and truth. The Agent informed me/us that it is not possible for the Agent to check the validity of such information and invited me/us to make my/own enquiries in relation to the financial and other data concerning the business/es. The Agent also warned me/us that any indication of past performance was in no way a warranty or representation that a new owner would be able to achieve such results in the future and advised me/us to seek independent advice as appropriate before proceeding with any purchase.

I/We agree not to approach or speak to the Vendor or the Staff without prior arrangements through 1Agency, as doing so may jeopardise my/our ability to purchase the business.

This confidentiality agreement relates to all information forwarded from our office for information provided on properties by 1Agency. Please complete the information below to ensure we can provide you with the correct information quickly and efficiently.

Thank you.

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